Though here at Café Futebol our focus is the historic interaction of football with the forces of politics and society, we are first and foremost avid football fans and do delve into issues of the modern game from time to time.  Politics plays as much of a role in football as it did half a century ago, although in the post-Cold War, globalized world the nature of this relationship has changed drastically.  While we may no longer see nations boycotting tournaments due to ideological concerns, or a dictator barring a player from leaving the country due to his propaganda value, this certainly doesn’t mean that football has transcended politics or social affairs.  History is being made and narratives are being written every day.

The Absurdity of MLS Nomenclature

By European standards, Major League Soccer, the highest level on the footballing pyramid in both the United States and Canada, is still in its infancy.  After countless failed leagues plagued by infighting, mismanagement, and disorganization, the idea for Major League Soccer emerged as part of the USA’s successful bid to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup.  The league was launched in 1996 with ten teams, expanding to twelve two years later.  [Continue Reading]


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